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Helping You Move Forward

C. Academy is the teaching platform of Mind-Map Strategist & Trainer, Cookie Aruj Laguda.


A registered nurse by profession, a certified integrative health coach and a mind-map strategist by practice, Coach Cookie was trained and certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, as well as the American Union of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as an NLP Master Practitioner. Cookie helps people process and break through any mental and emotional challenge they face.


Her clients range from individuals with emotional challenges of fear, anxiety, guilt, confusion, trauma, past hurt, depression and suicidal thoughts, to couples/families who feel overwhelmed and stressed out with their marital and relational issues stemming from subconscious overwhelm. 

Coach Cookie is propelled by her passion to help others understand the divine design in becoming their best.   She is inspired by her own story of breakthrough and deliverance from a destructive relationship and her own people-pleasing mindset. Her client success stories are what propels her passion to help others become fully equipped to balance and integrate the mind-body-spirit in order to find freedom and fully live in one's God-given design and purpose.

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