"I enjoyed every topic discussed! The experience with Coach Cookie was never boring and I laughed a lot!"

"I super love the topics. I enjoyed every moment with Coach Cookie! I learned a lot. I especially love the way she expresses herself and gives realistic examples!"

"The course is superb! It's intact with learning that will surely help my emotional growth and help me with my relationship with others around me."

"Coach Cookie is very knowledgeable and energetic! My overall experience with her is a two-thumbs up!"

"Coach Cookie is so approachable and explains things so we can easily understand the topics."

"Coach Cookie is very energetic! She entertained all questions and gives so much effort in every topic she teaches. I like the releasing of negative energy. It helped a lot! Thank you, Coach!"

"Coach Cookie's manner of teaching and imparting her knowledge is very effective and life-changing! She is truly a blessing!"

"Everything was spectacular and refreshing! Thanks to Coach Cookie for providing us with tools for learning and for the enlightenment on our higher purpose in life."

"I truly appreciate the opportunity of having the chance to look closely into my emotions. I am grateful to know the magnificent Coach Cookie, who is full of wisdom and enables us to participate actively in her workshop."

"New learnings, new ideas... I just really love this workshop with Coach Cookie!

It really helped me a lot. Thank you so much!"

"Coach Cookie is amazing with a lot of sense of humor. Two thumbs up!!!"

"I truly enjoyed the course with Coach Cookie! I like how energetic she is in teaching."

"WOW! Just Wow! I have never had a speaker as dynamic as Coach Cookie.
I am truly empowered from her teachings!"



Jen, Private Client

Coach Cookie is a commendable Coach. She lectures and guides you all throughout her sessions thus, rendering you overwhelmed with a calming, peaceful and positive outlook in life.10/10.A rare find.In our society today where anxiety is the leading cause of meltdown, I’d say that we need more coaches like her.

Leah M

After what happened to me, I used to dwell so much on so many feelings that did not serve me well. I was literally broken. I have God who sustained me during those very troublesome times in my life and then He sent me you. You've taught me how to conquer my fears, manage my emotions and unleash my greatness, Coach. You have taught me how to step up and finally progress to the LIFE I have today. Thank you.

Van, Private Client

I consider Coach Cookie as a blessing sent from the heavens. I was struggling with stress in all aspects of life few years back. I felt lost, doomed and alone. Though I am an outgoing person, I found it hard to open up with what I felt. I knew I really needed someone to talk to, whom I can freely express the things inside me. Then I heard about the sessions with Coach Cookie and without a doubt I contacted her and had a session before I left the Philippines as an OFW. I found the session helpful and wished that my family members should experience it too. Just last month, we had a family crisis and Coach Cookie was the first person who came into my mind. I may be far away but she never hesitated to help us out amidst the still on going pandemic. Not a single inch of regret that I felt about her assistance. Whenever I feel a commotion going on in my life, I always apply what Coach Cookie taught me during our session. This minimizes my anxiety, focus on the present and looking forward to the future.

Hazel L

I can't thank you enough, Coach, for the BIG difference you've made in my life. I was haunted by a past memory for 20 years and carried its heaviest load for 3 years before I met you. I was initially afraid during our session but you assured me that you will be there every step of the way. It's like MAGIC happened during our session together! The weight of the world on my shoulders was gone. I felt free. I can totally move forward now. Thank you.

Mel, Private Client

Coach Cookie, thank you very much. The negative energy that I have been carrying for more than 10 years disappeared in just a split of a second while working with you! Hoping that you will be able to help more people who are carrying a heavy load.

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